The Father's House
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Residential Home


Lk. 19:10

 The Father's House offers a Christian faith based solution to the alcohol & drug addiction
 as well as other 
life controlling problems.


 Gary Jennings

The Father's House
The Father's House is committed to enabling & equipping those they serve to find freedom from addictive behaviors. Upon finding that freedom they become socially, emotionally, physically & spiritually alive.
The Father's House is a non-profit organization started by Gary Jennings. Christ's compassion and love
 for those hurting from various addictions, inspired this endeavor through Gary.
The Father’s House helps people with life-controlling problems such as drug or alcohol addiction, by providing Christian discipleship and residential care for those who qualify. Referrals are made by judges, lawyers, hot lines, probation officers, ministers, police, hospitals, youth agencies, Correctional Institutions, friends, family and concerned others.

The Father’s House was formed by a group of people that believe it is a calling and mandate from God to help people that sincerely want to better their lives and overcome life controlling problems. We believe that it is Gods will for all humanity to be in relationship with him, and that he has given a provision through his son Jesus Christ to live above our addictions. That through the discipleship process and the Power of the Holy Spirit we can overcome the obstacles and challenges of life even though sometimes our choices may have caused the conflict. We believe that in serving humanity we are in essence serving God himself.